About Eddica

EDDICA, the renowned Training Institute focuses on moulding communication skills. EDDICA, Overseas Education and Training Institute was established on 23rd of April 2017. It commenced with the immense motive and ambition to help children to excel in their field of education. Within the short span of a year, the institution has reached great heights due to the massive efforts put in by the team.

Mrs. Rani

A born leader with the kindest heart, an efficient entrepreneur with a zeal to help others, and a tremendous inspiration with an addictive personality – is none other than Ms. Rani, Founder of EDDICA. A multi-faceted and multi-talented person, who has grown leaps and bounds with utmost dedication and hard work towards her passion, finds limitless happiness, while running her thriving enterprise. Eddica is a pioneer in the field of coaching for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, English, and personality development, along with adept counselling and parenting sessions. Rani, an energetic soul and an enigmatic personality, has proven to the community that a woman can achieve the unthinkable, when she lets her heart and mind lead the way. Today, Rani stands tall as an inspiration to many budding women entrepreneurs, leading the path towards enlightened success.

Awards & Recognition

International Award for Best Trainer

National Award for Best Trainer

3 State Awards for Best Trainer

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